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A project that allow the execution of Unit Testing against a database (Relational or Multidimensional).
It uses NUnit ( )as unit-testing framework and does not require DBA or BI Developer to know anything about .NET: just write your SQL or MDX queries and test them. QueryUnit will take care of automatically create the assembly that will test your query for you, using NVelocity ( to generate .NET classes and the CodeDom engine to compile them at runtime.


The current relase is only a proof-of-concept (but it works quite well) to explore the idea and see if it can really work. If you want to use it read the following page:

How to use this Proof-Of-Concept

ASAP I'll start to work more actively on it, and this is the planned feature set:

-No need to know .NET to perform query testing Query to be tested and expected result stored using an XML file. In future version a GUI will managed to XML, so that you won't have to know XML at all to use it.
-Support for different databases. Initially will be SQL Server (T-SQL) and Analysis Services (MDX).
-Support for extesibility. In future versions will be possible to plug-in support for other RDBMS (eg: Oracle).
-Support for unit testing SSRS Reports.
-Support for comparing expected results with constant values or with results coming from other queries.
-Test also that the speed of query execution is within a specified value.
-Integration with NUnit GUI (if possible)
-Development of a GUI to manage XML

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